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Center Information

The YPRC was established in 1999 as the flagship center for proteomics in Korea. The YPRC has strived to develop proteomics techniques and disseminate state-of-the-art technologies to others in the proteomics field. To this end, the YPRC operates 3 strategic teams: an analytical service team, a proteome informatics team and an animal model research team consisting of 15 full-time workers. During the past decade, the YPRC has accomplished many achievements and received outstanding international recognition.

Mission Statement

The mission of the YPRC is to conduct world-class proteomics research, facilitate collaborative research worldwide and provide high level education and training in proteomics to fulfill the needs and expectations of the scientific and biomedical communities. We are committed to conducting global proteome analytical services of human, model animals (e.g., C. elegans), plants, and microorganisms to identify and characterize disease biomarkers. We strive to be leaders in the development of proteomic technologies that integrate approaches from the molecular to the whole body level. All members of the YPRC focus their efforts on developing innovative and appropriate proteome research methods to identify all of the proteins encoded by human chromosome 13.

We work together and openly share ideas, using a multidisciplinary research and educational approach. The YPRC successfully manages a long-term project, termed the Biomedical Proteome Research Center through which our scientists serve medical genomics centers and other research teams worldwide while maintaining excellence and integrity in a supportive and respectful research environment.